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Once singles are registered with a bronymate portal, dating sites can also be dangerous. The first rule is clear and clear never to send money abroad via an online dating portal, even if the stories sound plausible at first glance. The criminals’ meshes are always the same, but they are not immediately seen through. For example, young men from abroad write to numerous older women so that they can move to Germany. They ensnare the women and do not take long to propose marriage. Once the woman is wrapped around her finger, they pretend an emergency situation and ask for money, which the victims and their supposed dream partner never see again. The pretense of an emergency situation is also called “romance scam”. This is a form of fraud in which criminals pretend to be businessmen, soldiers or doctors and cause high monetary damage worldwide.

Innocent men, on the other hand, are courted especially by Eastern European women who are supposedly looking for great love. After a while they ask for money for a flight to Germany, but never arrive there. So users remain cautious so as not to fall for false identities, impostors or marriage swindlers, because internet fraudsters always depend on the good faith of their victims. Although some dating sites guarantee quality controls by checking the profiles by hand for authenticity, this is not easy due to the steadily growing number of new registrations.

Accordingly, the authenticity is only partially checked, in particular to prevent multiple registrations. However, this is no guarantee that members are who they say they are. On the one hand, there is no obligation to have a complete profile, on the other hand, some singles lie about information such as weight or appearance.

To be on the safe side, skeptics can “google” the contact. If, for example, he only speaks broken German or English, if he is prematurely forging marriage plans, or if contact is only made via chargeable phone numbers, consumers should stay away from it as a precaution. And outside of the online world, they should also pay attention to their safety: At best, singles choose the first meeting in a neutral, public place like a café and inform their friends about the date.

The online partner search has to be learned, but with a well-staged profile, singles have already half won, because this is nothing more than their personal advertising text. With information on height, weight, appearance, hobbies and personal values, they present themselves as detailed as possible in order to arouse interest in a potential partner. D.

Swedish Dating – Swedish singles dating – Swedish women and men online


Swedish Dating – Swedish Singles Dating
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